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    Assessment of the role of the state in the management of mineral resources

    Prof. Vladimir Litvinenko(Russia)

    Full Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher Education, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Chairman of the Governing Board of International Competence Center for Mining-Engineering Education under the Auspices of UNESCO,Rector and Professor of Saint Petersburg Mining University


    Green and Low Carbon Building Materials
    Prof. Changwen MIAO(China)

    Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chairman of the International Green Building Alliance, Professor of Southeast University

    Initiatives of AGH UST in the Field of Resources, Energy and Climate Policy of Poland and the EU

    Prof. Jerzy Lis(Poland)?

    Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Rector of AGH University of Science and Technology 

    Underground Space Use for Sustainable Urban Development– the Singapore Experience

    Prof. Yingxin ZHOU(Singapore)

    Fellow of the Academy of Engineering Singapore and Fellow of the International Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering (ISRM)

    Lunar Mining Ideas Can Transform Earth Mines?

    Prof. Jan Cilliers(UK)?

    Fellow of the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, Professor of Imperial College London


                                                   Driving the Electric Revolution--A Pathway to Net Zero

                                                   Prof. Xibo YUAN(China)?

                                                                Professor of  China University of Mining and Technology



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